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It seems obvious that the inreedignts tha November 14, 2015 - 18:11
It seems obvious that the inreedignts that go into producing something we eat would have an impact on flavor. And yet we expect a certain consistency and sameness in our food. That\'s changing. People and not just foodies are experimenting with new food. Or in this case with food they thought they knew well. Friends are still raving about the London Broil, traditionally a tough cut, that I made from beef raised at Whippoorwill Farm.

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It seems obvious that the iniedrgents that go into producing something we eat would have an impact on flavor. And yet we expect a certain consistency and sameness in our food. That\'s changing. People and not just foodies are experimenting with new food. Or in this case with food they thought they knew well. Friends are still raving about the London Broil, traditionally a tough cut, that I made from beef raised at Whippoorwill Farm.

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